(публикувано: 10.03.2020)
FLASKA навърши 10 години! Скромно начало – големи мечти! "Начинът, по който започнахме, е известен на приблизително 70 души. Точно толкова и включихме в първоначалната ни фокус група, която се състоеше от наши ... Още
(публикувано: 12.12.2018)
"Историята на иновативните бутилки FLAŠKA започва като известния рефрен на „БИЙТЪЛС“ - с красиви ягодови полета. Макс Вречко отглежда сочните плодове в Словения и благодарение на тях се ражда и идеята за създаването на ... Още
(публикувано: 04.12.2018)
Проектът " Живот без пластмаса - Мисията възможна" на иновативно училище "Светлина" и Flaska бе отразен в най-новия брой на познатото на всички списание 8: "Изхвърлянето на отпадъците е като игра с бумеранг. Боклукът, от ... Още
(публикувано: 16.11.2018)
Flaska - персоналната бутилка за структуриране на вода бе представена от своя изобретател г-н Макс Вречко (Maks Vrečko), пред участниците и гостите на международната конференция " Физика, химия и биология на водата" 2018 (Water ... Още
(публикувано: 05.10.2018)
Частно иновативно училище и детски градини "Светлина" сподели за своя нов проект: " Със започването на новата учебна година в Иновативно частно основно училище „Светлина“ започва и новата мисия на ученици и ... Още
(публикувано: 31.10.2017)
Създателят и собственик на Flaska, г-н Макс Вречко (Maks Vrecko), заедно със своя дистрибутор от Испания г-н Луис Прието (Luis E. Prieto) взеха участие в международната научна конференция "Физика, химия и биология на водата 2017". Тази ... Още
(публикувано: 28.05.2015)
Вижте представянето на Flaska в предаването "Зелена светлина" по БНТ1, което бе заснето по време на участието ни в изложение "Зелени дни" 2015. Вижте целия материал тук: http://bnt.bg/predavanyia/zelena-svetlina/sta-klen-zaryad-za-vodata
(публикувано: 19.05.2015)
И тази година между 21 и 24 май в сърцето на пролетна София фестивалът-изложение ЗЕЛЕНИ ДНИ ще събере пред Паметника на Съветската армия водещи производители на биосертифицирани храни и напитки, туристически ... Още
(публикувано: 18.12.2014)
Вода от извора навсякъде Чиста, вкусна вода като от планински извор, която те зарежда със свежест и енергия. Звучи перфектно, но ако не живееш накъде сред дивото, трудно ще си я набавиш. Колкото и вода да наливаме ... Още
(публикувано: 30.09.2013)
Flaska вече може да бъде намерена и в новооткрития магазин за био продукти, храни и сувенири ръчна изработка в квартал Дианабад. Адрес на магазина: ул. "Крум Кюлявков", бл.64, Магазин А.
(публикувано: 14.11.2012)
Flaska took part at the Biocultura fair in Madrid, which is basically focused on healthy lifestyle. Our Spanish distributors Klavdija and Luis have designed their booth cutely and it was obvious that the Spaniards like Flaska. During the fair various presentations took place, among them also ''Different ways of water restructuring'', which was presented by Max Vrecko. It finished with a ... Още
(публикувано: 01.10.2012)
At Flaska team we are constantly facing the challenge of measuring the changes in water stimulated by our TPS technology. An enormous number of water's parameters are known but only few of them measured by 'main stream' science. Since most of the changes due to TPS don't happen on biological or chemical level, the tests and analyses that prove Flaska’s functioning also stem from alternative ... Още
(публикувано: 24.08.2012)
Read our blog post about Flaska team cycling to work at our blog Message from a bottle!
(публикувано: 21.05.2012)
Did you ever hear about Randy Huntington? Most of you probably not. We are rarely familiar with the names of sport coaches (maybe some from football) who stand behind the great achievements and records. Well, Randy is best known as the coach who trained Mike Powell when he set (or better said jumped) the new long distance jump world record 8.95 meters in 1991. Great and still unbeaten ... Още
(публикувано: 10.05.2012)
Flaska Horoscope collection is available exclusively in our web shop! We like to keep things moving at the Flaska team, to surprise you with some refreshed designs and new collections every once in a while. This one was lingering around in our minds for some time, and now we can finally present it. Our new Flaska Horoscope collection! 12 Flaska bottles - 12 astrological signs. For each one ... Още
(публикувано: 16.04.2012)
We set up quite a few communication channels through which we can stay in touch with our friends, customers and other people interested in Flaska bottle. Now our web page and our Facebook page got company. We started writing a blog titled Message from a bottle. It just seemed that News or FB chat do not cover all the topics we would like to share with you ... Още
(публикувано: 06.03.2012)
A great, functional and nice brand identity is very important to companies and other organisations and often demands quite an investment of time and money. Our logo, corporate colours, typography and other elements are supposed to reflect our values and our personality. An important step is also the choice of objects and situations on or in which we apply these elements – they have to suit our ... Още
(публикувано: 01.02.2012)
New 2012 Flaška Neo Design collection Finally! The new Flaška Neo Design collection is now available. As you might know, we asked all of you Flaška friends to take part and send your designs. We received more than 300 of them! So it was a tough job to pick 6 best ones. Here they are: New Flaška bottles are already available in our web shop. What are the designs about?: Owl on the ... Още
(публикувано: 16.01.2012)
Flaška will take part at Conventa - the leading marketplace for the meeting industry of South East Europe on 18 – 19 January 2012, at Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. Flaška was invited to introduce itself in the EcoVillage. Why is Flaška taking part on Conventa? First of all it became a popular business gift in Slovenia and abroad, which wasn't really a planned ... Още
(публикувано: 11.01.2012)
The new Viktor jug is finally here. We received a lot of feedback that a transparent glass jug is something you would be happier to use for drinking water. So the old Vivus jug (made of ceramic) is out and the new Viktor jug (made of glass) is in! Also new is our Flaška Neo pinky. Now it is available in pink neoprene sleeve with white print. The bright colour seems to be the right choice, ... Още
(публикувано: 20.12.2011)
Flaška's international webpage www.flaska.eu has got new looks! How do you like it? We tried to refreshen it and to make it easier to navigate. We hope we suceeded. Please let us know what you think via e-mail water@flaska.eu or our international FB page Flaška bottle
(публикувано: 10.11.2011)
Flaška Lady The Flaška Lady model is something special: butterflies are combined with crystal SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. An appealing combination captures your attention with its colourful appearance and its message: “Life is beautiful and diverse, let’s enjoy it to its full potential!” You can order the new Flaška bottle via the web store.
(публикувано: 01.11.2011)
November 2011 is an important milestone for the Flaška bottle, since now Flaška will be available to customers in the USA and England. Already in the initial stage, our goal was to make Flaška a globally available product. Our goal is now becoming a reality. We would like to use this opportunity to thank all those who have supported us in our mission. Web sites: England: www.flaska.co.uk USA: ... Още
(публикувано: 20.10.2011)
Flaška is free, dynamic and simple in its essence... Now it is also elegant and exclusive. We are presenting you with new Flaška crystal bottles. The patterns of kittens, butterflies and clover are made from crystals from the renowned Swarovski brand. More specifically crystals from the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS line. Each pattern has its story and symbolism. However, they are already available in our ... Още
(публикувано: 28.09.2011, последна промяна: 21.12.2011)
Neo Design bottles were launched almost a year ago. With their colourful appearance and vivid designs they have appealed to many new users. Along with the fact that they are environmentally friendly and beneficial to health, they are also charming and full of life – their image perfectly reflects their personality. Time has come to freshen up. We decided to offer you a new NEO DESIGN ... Още
(публикувано: 15.09.2011)
Flaška bottles for the whole family The Flaška bottle is more and more becoming a daily companion of mothers, fathers and children. Which means the whole family! Because we wish to stimulate and support families in their pursuit for a healthy lifestyle, we have designed a special package Flaška bottles for the whole family! The package includes at least three Flaška bottles regardless ... Още
(публикувано: 16.08.2011, последна промяна: 31.08.2011)
Water is essential for maintenance of our health. It plays an important role levelling body temperature, it delivers nourishment and oxygen to cells, flushes away the 'useless stuff', and protects organs as well as tissues. Water is a part of practically all physical processes in our bodies. What about mental? What role does water play in our brains’ functions and consequentially mental ... Още
(публикувано: 26.08.2011, последна промяна: 31.08.2011)
As most of the unique brands Flaška has a special and unusual story. Its beginnings stem from a totally unexpected area – strawberry cultivation. Maks Vrečko, the innovator and owner of 4 Vivus company, started experimenting with living water while he was growing strawberries. He wanted to achieve good results by using techniques friendly to nature and people. Since he was totally ... Още
(публикувано: 04.07.2011, последна промяна: 31.08.2011)
We want to make on-line ordering and buying procedures as easy as possible for our customers. Since ordering abroad has been a little bit complicated until Flaška bottles can be bought using the PayPal system. PayPal enables safe on-line payments with your credit card since it eliminates the need to disclose your credit card information for every transaction. It also offers a much simpler ... Още
(публикувано: 28.07.2011, последна промяна: 21.12.2011)
The POM is a long–term oriented project whose main purpose is to “encourage healthy people to actively think about the health of their brains”. The incentive or idea for the project arose on the basis of experiences in working with individuals with injuries or other health problems, as the initiators ascertained “that there is a gap in Slovenia which can be filled with additional ... Още
(публикувано: 26.08.2011)
In the last issue of EOL magazine(covers the fields of packaging (E), environment (O) and logistics (L)) you could read an article written by Dr. Darko Drev, about the advantages and disadvantages of various materials for the production of food packaging. The article Inappropriate packaging is dangerous to foodstuff talks about some (for us) new possible problems related to plastic or polymer ... Още
(публикувано: 11.05.2011, последна промяна: 21.12.2011)
Vitrum, a glass packaging distribution company, is our provider for 0.5l Flaška bottles. Vitrum published the news of the expansion of its offer onto water bottles on Packaging Europe, the leading packaging portal. The photo features a Flaška bottle during production. Of course, you can read the entire article on Packaging Europe.
(публикувано: 26.04.2011, последна промяна: 21.12.2011)
The Flaška bottle has become an official souvenir of the tourist destination Radol’ca! Within the context of a new destination brand, Tourism Radovljica decided to take a fresh and imaginative approach in the process of choosing souvenirs. They decided on presentation through innovative and already well–known products, or brands, originating from the local environment. The Flaška bottle, ... Още
(публикувано: 20.04.2011, последна промяна: 21.12.2011)
Drinking water is encouraged at schools, as it leads to better school performance. At the same time, eco–schools, in particular, place great emphasis on environmental protection. It is therefore no coincidence that we arranged a test with the Zadobrova Primary Eco–School in Ljubljana: we equipped a class of children with Flaška bottles and monitored their water consumption, how much less ... Още
(публикувано: 21.03.2011, последна промяна: 21.12.2011)
Sunday marked the ending of the Altermed Fair, which took place during the weekend in Celje. Impressions? If the Flaška bottle was only being introduced to the wider public during last year’s fair, we can say that this year numerous visitors were well acquainted with it, while quite a lot of them sought out our exhibition on purpose. We can therefore say that we are very satisfied with the ... Още