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Evapo image - the face of water

(публикувано: 01.10.2012)

At Flaska team we are constantly facing the challenge of measuring the changes in water stimulated by our TPS technology. An enormous number of water's parameters are known but only few of them measured by 'main stream' science. Since most of the changes due to TPS don't happen on biological or chemical level, the tests and analyses that prove Flaska’s functioning also stem from alternative science field. For instance – the genotoxicity measurements and GDV testing proved positive changes in water in Flaska bottles.


But of course we don’t stop exploring: Evapo image describes water drop images (or better said images of water drop ‘leftovers’ after it evaporates). These are minerals and other dry stuff that creates different designs after water evaporates. These can be compared and differences among various waters established.


This approach to water analysis is less known but similar to water crystals photographing that made Mr Masaru Emoto famous. Check out some mysteries from this intriguing world on Georg Schroecker's webpage.


Photographing has been conducted by an independent German laboratoryMikroskopische Wasseruntersuchungen from Stuttgart. On the photograph a clear difference between ‘regular’ water (left) and water from Flaska bottle (right) is visible.



Evapo image  - water from Flaska bottle