Как да изберем своята Flaska?

Кратък наръчник за това как да избереш правилния модел Flaska!

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Flaska – стъклената бутилка за многократна употреба

Flaska е бутилка за вода за многократна употреба, която се грижи за Вашето здраве, за природата и пести Вашите средства. Съществуват много бутилки за многократна употреба, някои от тях са също стъклени, но бутилката Flaska е само една.

Какво я прави толкова специална? Тя е програмирана с така наречената TPS технология, която  води до подобряване качеството на водата в бутилката Flaska.


Flaska – твоят преносим извор на вода


Flaska се предлага в два размера и в много разнообразни дизайни, защото трябва да бъде освен полезна, така и да изглежда добре. Нашият кратък наръчник  Как да изберем своята Flaskа ще Ви помогне да изберете тази, която Ви подхожда най-добре!


Not that I'm an expert on informed water, but it does seem that the water from Flaška is slightly softer. I'm particularly pleased that I can pour it straight from the tap and carry it around in a glass container... Peter, June 2010
I can't say whether the water from Flaška tastes better or worse, but I have felt that it is different, softer. Brane, August 2011
Sometimes a simple product is presented to us that has a subtle but perceptible affect. Flaska is that kind of product! You know there is a change, you feel it, and then you realize it is the simplicity of the water you are drinking from this wonderful bottle. It is like drinking from a fresh mountain spring at the base of a waterfall. It makes life good! Randy Huntington (Mike Powell`s coach)
When I was given a glass of water from Flaska I was blown away by the mellow taste, the purity and the sense of energy coming from that simple drink. I took a bottle for each of my family and they could immediately feel the difference. I always take my Flaska with me. Chris Milford, Schiatsu coach
I have been in the habit of drinking water out of paper cups in the office. Now I will save the environment and use my Flaska instead. Cathy McNeil