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Flaska – born & raised in an alpine paradise

Begunje (Slovenia, EU) – natural beauty meets innovativeness


At the foot of a mountain range Karavanke in north-western part of Slovenia in the immediate proximity to a tourist pearl Bled lays a village with crisp clean water springs on every step. It sounds like a beginning of a fairy tale but it’s a fact.


Poslovni prostori Flaška

Begunje na Gorenjskem are Flaska bottle’s birth place. You can feel the positive energy in our company as well as while using Flaska every day. The story of Flaska’s beginnings is unique and interesting. In the Flaška company we live and work in tight connection with the wonderful environment we are a part of, of which we are well aware and we deeply respect.




The beauty of Begunje’s surroundings has inspired the internationally renowned folk group Avsenik. In their 40 Years of existence they composed over 1000 songs and sold more than 30 million records (31 golden, 2 diamond and 1 platinum). Thanks to the Avsenik band the village of Begunje is known as the cradle of folk music.




Elan has a long history in our village with beginnings in 1945. Elan brand is best known as the skiing equipment and sailing boat producer. They triggered a revolution in skiing with the invention of carving skis which were later on adopted by whole skiing industry. They received many international awards for their work, among them the »The most innovative brand 2012«.




Seaway, the worldwide known boat designer, is also located in Begunje. Their most successful projects are hybrid boat Greenline 33 and carbon sailing boats Shipman.


It is quite interesting that such innovative and renowned products are being born on an area of a mere 1 km2.  According to a Feng shui master the area is blessed with good energy which doubtlessly has a positive influence on the locals.


Begunje na Gorenjskem are definitely worth paying a visit. You will be soaked with positive energy, have some delicious food and drink crystal clear water. Climb up the hill to the little St Peter’s church where one of the best views in Gorenjska region is available and visit the Kamen Castle or Avsenik gallery. You can spend the night in the new Drnča Hotel, located only 300 m from our headquarters and leave full of unforgettable memories.



Max Vrečko