The Flaška Project at the Zadobrova Primary Eco–School

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The Flaška Project at the Zadobrova Primary Eco–School

(публикувано: 20.04.2011, последна промяна: 21.12.2011)

Drinking water is encouraged at schools, as it leads to better school performance. At the same time, eco–schools, in particular, place great emphasis on environmental protection. It is therefore no coincidence that we arranged a test with the Zadobrova Primary Eco–School in Ljubljana: we equipped a class of children with Flaška bottles and monitored their water consumption, how much less waste was created, the satisfaction of pupils and parents with the “personalized” Flaška bottles, how many Flaška bottles were broken, etc.

 Class 2.b of the Zadobrova Primary Eco–School

 Statement of class teacher Romana Terkaj: In principle, we are all aware of the importance of drinking water for our health and the health of our children. But children mostly do not drink enough water. As we are an Eco–School and a Healthy School, I decided, in agreement with the parents, to implement the “FLAŠKA” class project this year. The ecological (reduction of the use of plastic bottles and cups), economic and hygienic advantages of the bottle were presented to us. The fact that they each had a bottle with his or her name on it, by itself, meant a lot to the pupils. At first, we reminded each other to drink water and recorded information on a special sheet every day, thus establishing how many bottles of water we drank in the morning. Oh, and there was also lots of peeing in the beginning! After a good two months, things were running smoothly. On average, the pupils drank two to three bottles, constituting almost a litre of water! Success! They also became more mentally active during school work. Of the 15 bottles, only two were broken — the horror! The crying! They were hastily replaced with new ones. At the school’s Eco Day, we presented the project to other pupils in the form of a poster. The parents wrote their positive opinions on the project as well. We will continue drinking water — there has also been an expression of interest in implementing the project for the entire school. I am glad that we implemented the project for our own health and simultaneously achieved savings and protected the environment.

– the pupils were thrilled at the fact that each of them had their own Flaška bottle with his or her own name on it
– on average, they drank two to three 0.33l bottles per day
– the parents monitored the project favourably, as the children grew accustomed to drinking water instead of tea or even worse drinks with added sugar
– in the period of October to April, two of the fifteen Flaška bottles were broken

 Statements by the parents:
The Flaška bottle is great, as we enjoy drinking water out of it. When Lara got a Flaška bottle, the other members of the family bought their own Flaška bottles as well. The Jerman family

Ever since we began to use the Flaška bottle, we have been drinking a lot more fluid per day. On average, we drink 1.5l of water per day. We also drink less sweetened and carbonated drinks, which is good for the teeth as well as general well–being. The Flaška project is excellent and beneficial.

 Statements by the children:
I drink water because I like it and because it tastes good. Ajša

I like the Flaška bottle because it makes the water better. The water is healthier than water from a plastic bottle. We all take great care of it. The Flaška bottle is black and blue. I like it very much. Luka


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