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Impressions from the Altermed Fair

(публикувано: 21.03.2011, последна промяна: 21.12.2011)

Sunday marked the ending of the Altermed Fair, which took place during the weekend in Celje. Impressions? If the Flaška bottle was only being introduced to the wider public during last year’s fair, we can say that this year numerous visitors were well acquainted with it, while quite a lot of them sought out our exhibition on purpose. We can therefore say that we are very satisfied with the fair. We gladly talked to owners of Flaška bottles and listened to their experiences and suggestions for improvements. Feedback is one of the greatest advantages of such gatherings with existing and potential owners of Flaška bottles.

There was a prize contest which ran throughout the three days of the fair, within which we asked the participants when the Flaška bottle was first introduced to the Slovenian market. The correct answer, of course, is 10.3.2010. The draw is to follow in the next few days. The winner will receive a Vivus informed jug.


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Flaška na sejmu Altermed (1/9)