Who`s going to dress the new Flaška bottles?

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Who`s going to dress the new Flaška bottles?

(публикувано: 28.09.2011, последна промяна: 21.12.2011)

Flaška naked – who’s going to dress it?Neo Design bottles were launched almost a year ago. With their colourful appearance and vivid designs they have appealed to many new users. Along with the fact that they are environmentally friendly and beneficial to health, they are also charming and full of life – their image perfectly reflects their personality.

Time has come to freshen up. We decided to offer you a new NEO DESIGN collection in 2012. When we thought about the person to ask to design new patterns, we asked ourselves the following question: “Why not invite anyone who would like to participate?”

Therefore, from this day we are announcing an open competition for DESIGNING A COLLECTION OF DESIGNS FOR FLAŠKA 2012. We are looking for five motifs on ecosystems and one motif on the topic of strawberries, which are the leitmotif of Flaška’s story. We will not set any limits to the designers and let their imagination run wild. However, the rules of our production and our needs itself define a certain framework, which is specified in more detail under the formal call for tender. Therefore, the participants are required to possess a certain knowledge from the field of design; however, this is far from being a prerequisite.

How do you perceive different ecosystems and how do you see strawberries? Who will dress Flaška? The selected author(s) will receive an appropriate reward. This will be further discussed in the call for tender itself.

Public tender Flaska 2012