When Flaska becomes a part of a `personal brand identity`...

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When Flaska becomes a part of a `personal brand identity`...

(публикувано: 06.03.2012)

A great, functional and nice brand identity is very important to companies and other organisations and often demands quite an investment of time and money. Our logo, corporate colours, typography and other elements are supposed to reflect our values and our personality. An important step is also the choice of objects and situations on or in which we apply these elements – they have to suit our characteristics mentioned above very well as well.

 Flaska mouse

Where are we heading? Some time ago Maša, a student of graphical design, contacted us. She wished to have a special design printed onto her Flaska bottle. After a few e-mails she explained what it is all about:


It is a project for one of my classes. We have to accomplish two things:

1. assignment:  I AM (represent my personality or some specific personal characteristics)

2. assignment:  Create my personal graphical brand identity


After numerous sketches and typographic experiments I created this image of a mouse. Its tail actually represents words Miš Maš. This was my favourite childhood book (a Slovenian fairy tale) and sometimes people still call me by my nickname Miš (meaning a mouse in Slovenian language, derived from her name Maša). Miš Maš was famous by the magic it was making every night in the kitchen, my magic happens on the computer :).


This is why my logo represents a mouse, looking a bit like a computer mouse.  It is obvious that the mouse is quite playful which also reflects my personality.


I am very happy that my little mouse will be a part of the Flaska bottle. We namely had to place the logo onto different objects that suit our values and characteristics. Since Flaska encourages and enables us to lead healthy and environmentally conscious lives, it meets these requirements perfectly.




We’re happy that among all the products on the market Flaska bottle is the one that represents Maša’s characteristics. Especially because her personal values obviously include consciousness about environment and health, wittiness, playfulness and creativity. This way Flaska bottle became a part of her life story. Great, we seem to be on the right track.