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New!!! Flaska Horoscope collection

(публикувано: 10.05.2012)

Flaska Horoscope collection is available exclusively in our web shop!


We like to keep things moving at the Flaska team, to surprise you with some refreshed designs and new collections every once in a while. This one was lingering around in our minds for some time, and now we can finally present it. Our new Flaska Horoscope collection! 12 Flaska bottles - 12 astrological signs. For each one of you!


Flaska Horoscope collection


Why horoscope? Flaska bottle represents more than an ordinary object to many of you. The fact that among all the colours, designs and sizes you can choose the one that suits your taste and needs best, certainly plays an important part. Adding the possibility of name printing and all the Flaska’s benefits, these strong ties become even more understandable.


The new Flaska Horoscope collection takes this even further. Now you can own a Flaska with your own astrological sign. Designs are playful, relaxed and witty – they will appeal even to people who don’t care a lot (or not at all) for astrology. Flaska Horoscope collection is simply cute.


The signs have been designed by a young Slovenian designer Nina Berlič, who we met during our tender for the new Neo Design collection last fall. We liked her stile immediately (and we believe you will like it too) and decided to invite her to design the Horoscope Flaska bottles.


You’re welcome to visit our Facebook page and click Like! for the Flaska Horoscope bottle that represents your sign. We’re curious which is the most often astro sign among our friends and fans.