The Radol’ca Flaška bottle is presented at the Eco Conference

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The Radol’ca Flaška bottle is presented at the Eco Conference

(публикувано: 26.04.2011, последна промяна: 21.12.2011)

The Flaška bottle has become an official souvenir of the tourist destination Radol’ca! Within the context of a new destination brand, Tourism Radovljica decided to take a fresh and imaginative approach in the process of choosing souvenirs. They decided on presentation through innovative and already well–known products, or brands, originating from the local environment.

The Flaška bottle, of course, meets this criterion, as it originates from Zgoša pri Begunjah, i.e. within the Municipality of Radovljica. For this purpose, we created a series of special Flaška bottles with a new logo for the Radol’ca destination — a stylised bee and the slogan “Radol’ca, honestly sweet”. We are glad about the cooperation and are certain it will bring satisfaction and success to everyone!

The Radol’ca Flaška bottle was presented for the first time at the Eco Conference
which took place last week at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. The Municipality of Radovljica, with its mayor, Mr. Ciril Globočnik, at its head, hosted a conference, and also wished to present at the event, which revolved around environmental topics, its new sustainability–oriented tourist trademark and, of course, its official souvenir, the Flaška bottle. At the conference, Maks Vrečko presented the environmental advantages of using the Flaška bottle. The feedback from the participants, among which were numerous distinguished representatives of science, the economy and politics, was very positive. On this occasion, MEP Dr. Romana Jordan Cizelj, who is conversant with the area of informed water, said she would try out her new Flaška bottle in Brussels.


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