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Hiking with Randy Huntington

(публикувано: 21.05.2012)

Did you ever hear about Randy Huntington? Most of you probably not. We are rarely familiar with the names of sport coaches (maybe some from football) who stand behind the great achievements and records. Well, Randy is best known as the coach who trained Mike Powell when he set (or better said jumped) the new long distance jump world record 8.95 meters in 1991. Great and still unbeaten achievement.


Mike Powell med svetovnim rekordom

To realize the greatness of the result, draw an 8.95 m long line on the floor. It’s a flight, not a jump!


Randy and Mike first met in 1987, when Randy said: ‘’We have a 4-year plan for the world record. If you are smart, healthy and you listen to my words, you will set it.’’


Randy later went on to become the trainer of the Korean Olympic team. Today he is a manager for education and marketing in the Keiser company. He and his team visited Slovenia to film a few educational movie clips about the Keiser equipment. The filming took place in Center Sonce in Slovenska Bistrica.


Of course, Flaska bottle was there as well, personalised with the Keiser logo. Randy was excited about Flaska:

“Sometimes a simple product is presented to us that has a subtle but perceptible affect. Flaska is that kind of product! You know there is a change, you feel it, and then you realize it is the simplicity of the water you are drinking from this wonderful bottle. It is like drinking from a fresh mountain spring at the base of a waterfall. It makes life good!”


Randy is a big nature and outdoors enthusiast so we invited him on a hike along the beautiful and historically rich path from Ljubelj to Preval in Slovenia (the Born’s path). Bonds that surpass the business cooperation by far were created.

Na Bornovi poti

















 Maks in Randy: malica pri koči na Prevalu