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Жива вода

WaterWater - an amazing documentary about water and its characteristics. Includes Japanese and Russian scientists’ findings. (1:26:04)




What the bleep do we know!?!

What the bleep do we know?! A mind blowing documentary that plunges you into a world where quantum uncertainty is demonstrated – where everything is alive, and reality is changed by every thought. (1:49:00)



The orgone cannon functions on the principles of orgone energy, discovered by Dr Wilhelm Reich. This energy is also known aschi, prana, mana, od ... throughout the world. Reichs work is beeing continued by the American scientist  James Demeo:



James Demeo, Orgonska energija, Part 1James Demeo, Orgone energy, Part 1 (10:12)





 James Demeo, Orgonska energija, Part 2

James Demeo, Orgone energy, Part 2 (10:01)





James Demeo, Orgonska energija, Part 3

James Demeo, Orgone energy, Part 3 (10:01)





James Demeo, Orgonska energija, Part 4

James Demeo, Orgone energy, Part 4 (9:36)






The living water‘s big secret

The living water‘s big secret.  

A Russian documentary about living water. (51:48)




Naravno od glave do pet: voda.

A Slovenian TV show with a special feature about water. No EN subtitles! (20:00)




Quantum field information transfer

Information transfer through quantum field is a phenomenon taking place when Flaška is ‘working’. Information transfers from glass onto water through quantum field. (3:01)