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Water on equator

Have you ever wondered if water really goes down the plughole the other way on the other side of the equator? Using water we can determine the precise position of equator. (Coriolis force) (4:10)



Bottled water marketing

Australian funny TV show about marketing How do you sell.. talking about the absurd bottled water marketing success. (12:36)




Fascinating clip about water's surface tension

Fascinating clip about water’s surface tension, using a special camera that takes 2.000 pictures / second. (2:30)





 Time Warp

A different view of water from a new perspective is enabled by modern technology. We recommend this interesting clip - Time Warp. (7:06)



How to get the cork out from the bottle!?

First Flaška botles had a cork that sometimes split and one part fell into the bottle. How can you get it out?! The trick with a plastic bag is simple and fun as well. Of course our new corks don’t split anymore! (1:45)



Humorous clip about bottled water.

Humorous clip about bottled water. (8:43)