What is the function of the protective sock?

Question: I received my Flaska as a business gift and ever since carry it around constantly. It’s just great.


However I’m not able to find an answer to the question what the function of the protective sock was (except visual and protection from breakage). I would namely like my Flaska much better without the sock when using it at the office and at home as well. But of course if it plays a role in the process of raising the water’s quality, I will use it as it is.


Answer: You estimated the sock’s function correctly. Its main purpose is protecting Flaska from brakeage (and if it happens anyway, the debris stays in the sock). Its visual function is also a psychological trigger: a bottle with water standing on the table is much less visible than a colourful Flaska. This way Flaska reminds us to use it (drink water) more often.


A secondary function of the sock is also protecting water from temperature changes and light influences. However, these influences are relatively small.


To keep it short: use your Flaska anyway you like, even without the sock!