By using a Flaška bottle you will:

  • spend 274 times to up to 2,695 times less money for drinking water.


Using a Flaška bottle is a rational decision, since it is common knowledge that bottled water is substantially more expensive that tap water. Numerous web sources provide basic assessments of the price differences; however, because we do not want to guess we have used as benchmark values the data obtained through the small research of the water prices on the Slovenian market carried out by the reporters of the Finance newspaper. Even though the data date back to 2009, they nonetheless serve as reliable proof of the large and absurd price differences.

The prices of bottled water vary according to certain parameters. Such parameters include the brand (the cheapest are shop brands, such as Mercator, and the most expensive Evian), purchase location (water bottles sold at petrol stations are much more expensive than those sold in supermarkets) and packaging size (price/litre of water is lower for larger packaging sizes).


The reporters calculated that the cheapest bottled water is almost 274 times more expensive than tap water; whereas, the most expensive bottled water is 2,695 times more expensive than the average tap water. It is necessary to take into consideration that cheaper bottled waters are typically filled with tap water. Therefore, an identical product is overcharged by at least 274 times!


In catering establishments, bottled water may reach even more astronomical prices, which can be seen from the table below. 


 1,000l of water

tap water 

bottled water sold in shops 

bottled water sold in catering establishments 

 the lowest price




 the highest price






Drinking bottled water is presented in a funny way in the film below (8:43).


tap vs. bottled