I've read a little about your Flaska, but I use a Brita jug. I want to know how living water affects the chlorine in the water.

Flaska is compatible with different water filtration devices. One of them is also the Brita jug you’ve mentioned.


When comparing their function, we see that the Brita jug filters the water, which means that it removes chlorine from the water, but it can also remove certain other substances (minerals) that are beneficial to your body. This is a constant problem of water filtration – how to filter the water without removing the beneficial substances, since that creates "hollow water".


Flaska functions by an entirely different principle. By changing the water’s structure (water clusters) it reduces its genotoxicity (this includes chlorine, as well as other harmful substances). Living water reduces the genotoxicity of the water itself by 39,47 % (on average). We are not talking about chlorine removal, but about neutralisation of its harmful effect (as much as that can be achieved with water information technology). At the same time, the water preserves all the beneficial substances.