Glass programming

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Glass programming

After we pour water into a Flaška bottle, the structure of the water changes within 5 minutes. The water becomes more like spring water, tastes better and at the same time reduces the water’s genotoxicity.


How is this possible?

Silicon, precisely SiO2, is the main component of glass (typically 71%). We use our innovative TPS technology to exploit the fact that silicon remembers information well. 




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Technology of Programming Silicon (TPS) was developed by 4 Vivus d.o.o., based on nine years of experience.

The technology is based on the cumulative knowledge of scientific pioneers, such as Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger, Masaru Emoto and others. The TPS exploits basic principles from the field of homeopathy and quantum physics.

In the TPS procedure the “standard” bottles are delivered to us from the glass factory in the north of Italy, which we then process in our production facilities in four phases, contributing to the better effectiveness of Flaška itself.


Glass programming and the subsequent improvement of the water quality characteristics is a relatively unknown area; therefore, puzzled looks and potential scepticism do not surprise us at all. If you can, set any doubts you have aside and try out a Flaška in practice. We are convinced that you will be pleasantly surprised, as were many existing users before you.





Quantum physics is Greek to me, as well as transfers between quantum fields; however, I will look into the matter more closely... I’ll give the matter the benefit of the doubt. Regardless of the quantum science I will probably order a Flaška bottle, since the facts that it is made of glass and that it reduces waste pollution suffice.