Why did you change the sign, engraved in Flaska?

The question...



I bought a 0,75 l Flaška in a Sanolabor store. I noticed it doesn't have this sign engraved.

Stari kozmogram


Instead it has some other type of symbol. I own a Flaska as well but the sign engraved is the one above. Please explain the difference!


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... and our answer:


Hi Primož,


I'm glad you noticed the difference.

Until June 1st 2011 we have been using the sign you are mentioning. It is a protective symbol that we received along with the TPS. Sign's purpose is protection of the programme which is imprinted in the glass.


One of our guiding principles is constant development. This is why we decided to have our own sign made by a geomantic, Mr. Robi Lavine from Sežana. It has the same purpose as the previous one, but its functionality is slightly higher.